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Peter Wade

“I was in RASigs from 1983 to 2005, 5 years as a Radio Operator, the rest as a Technician. I was deployed to Cambodia in June 1993, spending most of the time at Pteah Australi, but I spent 2 weeks at Kampong Cham, 5 weeks at Phum Ku (CT6) and 4 weeks at Sianoukville as part of rear details. After returning to Australia I had postings to 104 Sig Sqn, 126 Sig Sqn, 103 Sig Sqn and 110 Sig Sqn before returning to 1 Commando Regt as the WO2 MTS and retiring in 2005. Since then I spent 7 years at TC Communications as a Satellite Communications Engineer mainly in support of Navy INMARSAT installations, did 1 year at Raytheon as a tech pubs author before moving to Canberra as an Integration engineer with BAE.”

John Muir and Trudi Cauley

John and Trudi spent 2 years in Takeo,Treang Province on an Intergrated Rural Development Project as Irrigation/Agriculture and School Curriculum Development advisers on an ACR Aust Catholic Relief/AUSAID program during UNTAC.
On return to Australia they moved from the Riverina to Maleny SEQld where
Trudi was the first teacher to develop the Ananda Marga Independent
River School before raising 2 children, Ambrosia and Sholto, and has
since continued Community Development work and post graduate study.

John continued his agricultural work and studies in Sustainable Agriculture
and several Regional Landcare/ Catchment care projects all based with Barung
Landcare, Maleny and took Landcare to the Philippines in an ACIAR project over
7 yrs. He is now a private consultant in Natural Resource Mgt, Sustainable
Agriculture and Industrial Hemp Development. They still live in Maleny.

Jacqui Shone

From 1993 to 1994 Jacqui worked as an ESL teacher with ACE and often experienced first hand “shooting at the thunder clouds and the moon” right outside her evening classes. Jacqui enjoyed her contribution to the Phnom Penh Players, and participation in the Australian tennis group which occasionally included the Sanderson family and the weekly Friday night Akubra Club activities.  After Cambodia Jacqui continued her music teaching career and adjudication work in Zimbabwe, Bangkok and Geneva.

Justin Shone

From 1994 to 1995 Justin worked as a local staff member for UNDP on Security and the logistics for the ASF in-country air transport for UN staff (Admin Section). He also taught English to UNDP Khmer staff (outside of work). Following his work in Cambodia Justin remained in SE Asia working as an Australian volunteer for WFP in Lao PDR and was then hired by UNDP on a series of contracts for development and reconstruction works in Thailand, Laos, Indonesia (after the Indian Ocean tsunami) and in PNG.  Currently Justin is completing his PhD and working with the ADB in Timor Leste and as a consultant on the EU Uplands rural development project in Laos.

Susan Neuhaus

After Cambodia Susan returned as a doctor to the Army Aviation Centre, Oakey. She transferred to the Army Reserve, completing her service in 2009 as Colonel. This included tours in command of Health facilities, and as a surgeon, in Bougainville and Afghanistan and Unit Command of 3HBS (3rd Health Support Battalion). She currently lives in Adelaide and balances motherhood, a career in surgery, academia and involvement in various boards and Veterans health advocacy.

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  1. 182782 Warrant Officer Class Two Steve Dudley

    I enlisted in the Australian Army on the 15 May 1984 and undertook Basic Training at the Kapooka. After Recruit Training I was allocated to RASIGS . In the next year I completed a Radio Operators’ course and a Basic Drivers’ course. From 1985 to 1989 I was posted to the 1st Signals Regiment in Brisbane were I completed a number of courses in Advanced Driving and Signals Dispatch. In 1988 I was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal and then to Corporal in the following year.

    In 1990 I was posted to the 103rd Signals Squadron in Townsville. Whilst in Townsville I was involved in a number of exercises with 103 Signal Squadron as part of the 3rd Brigade’s Operational Deployment Force. In 1991 I was attached to 210 (24 Airmobile Brigade) Signals Squadron located in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom during exercise ‘Long Look 91.’

    In February 1993 I was deployed on active service with the Force Communications Unit (FCU), of the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC). Whilst in country I served with Siem Reap Signals Troop located in Siem Reap (North West Cambodia). I was employed as the Transport and Signals Dispatch Supervisor for Siem Reap Province. I was awarded the Australian Active Service Medal and the United Nations Medal for service in Cambodia.

    On my return to Australia in October 1993 I was again posted to 1st Signal Regiment where I was the Transport Corporal for 1st Signals Squadron, Deployable Joint Force Headquarters.

    In 1995 I attended a Basic Computer Controllers course conducted at the School of Signals in Melbourne, Victoria. On completion of the course I was posted to the 21st Construction Squadron (Royal Australian Engineers) in Brisbane as the Communications and Information Systems Corporal.

    In 1998 I was promoted Sergeant and posted to the Joint Telecommunications School located at Cabarlah (20km from Toowoomba), Queensland as the Information Systems Sergeant.

    In 2001 I was posted to the Army School of Signals, in Melbourne, were I took up a position as an Information Systems Instructor. On 5 October 2001 I was granted a warrant and appointed to the rank of Warrant Officer Class Two. I then took up an appointment of Troop Commander and Training Manager of Information System training troop at the Army School of Signals.

    In 2002 I was posted to the 7th Signals Regiment, Cabarlah Queensland and took up an appointment as the Manager Command Support Systems, (Manager Information Systems).

    In 2006 I was posted, within the local area of Cabarlah, where I accepted a position as the Manager Information Systems and Information Technology Security Advisor at the Defence Force School of Signals – Electronic Warfare Wing.

    In October 2007 I decided to accept a civilian position as an Information Technology Officer with the Queensland Police Service. Therefore I took Long Service Leave from the Army between October 2007 and July 2008. On 14 Jul 2008 after more then 24 years service in the Regular Army, I transferred to the Active Reserve and took up a Information Systems Manager position at 7th Signal Regiment.

    In 2008 I commenced as a assistant with the Australian Army Cadets at 13 Army Cadet Unit in Toowoomba. Following induction, various checks and administration procedures I was accepted a an Warrant Officer Class Two and appointed as an Instructor of Cadets in August 2009 and took up a staff position with 13 Army Cadets.

    In July 2012, I resigned my public service position with the Queensland Police Service and accepted a position with the Australian Public Service as the Communications and Information Systems Manager at the Defence Force School of Signals – Electronic Warfare Wing, Cabarlah Queensland.

  2. John Rixon: I served with the first Australian Federal Police CivPol Contingent to be deployed to UNTAC in May 1992 till January 1993. I was part of a 10 man team, lead by Superintendent Bill Kirk. We deployed to Thmar Puok in the Liberated Zone. My primary task was to develop, write and implement a Police Training package for the Khmer Police within the zone; we trained members from all factions, including those from the Khmer Rouge.
    On returning to Australia I worked in Telecommunications Interception Branch, International Peacekeeping, Christmas Island Policing, Internal Investigations and Protection. I retired in 2008 as National Coordinator Critical Infrastructure at the rank of Superintendent.

  3. Alf Turketo: ” I served with a multi-skilled ten man team that comprised the first Australian Federal Police contingent to UNTAC deployed from May 1992 to January 1993 in Thmar Puok in the ‘rebel’ held Liberated Zone of North West Cambodia. Our team trained and mentored more than 400 Khmer civilian Police from all rebel factions to foster peace and stability in our area of operations. This was the first of four different peace keeping deployments in my 30 year police career and I retired as the Canberra South District Superintendent in 2008.”

  4. Ernie Chamberlain: Official visit in August 1974 as JIO desk officer. Defence Attache Phnom Penh: November 1991 to December 1993. Vietnamese linguist and Khmer speaker. Travelled widely in the countryside. Diplomatic observer for the 1993 elections – including in Kompong Thom. Later served in Jakarta (two years – brigadier) and East Timor (two-three years). Retired – author of seven books on Timor and two on the Vietnam War.

  5. Christine Chamberlain: Assistant to the Defence Attache in Phnom Penh (Defence Department civilian): 1992 to December 1993. Did the Khmer course at Point Cook. Travelled extensively in the Cambodian countryside. Duties included liaison with UNTAC; and managing visitors, RAAF flights, and electoral observer groups. Awarded the AASM and ASM. Later served in the Jakarta Embassy and with UNTAET in East Timor.

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