The Peaceworkers

Australian Diplomats and UN workers

Many Australians served at the Australian Mission (precursor to the Australian Embassy) fulfilling diplomatic, aid, development, administration, immigration and other roles over the period of 1992-93.
Australians also served with many of the UN agencies and the UN’s civilian administration (including repatriation of the refugees from the Thai border camps, human rights and electoral support) during this period.

Australian Federal Police

Two contingents of Australian Federal Police were deployed to Cambodia during the UN Peace Process. The first was headed by Bill Kirk and the second by Bob Bradley.

Australian Soldiers

Australian Soldiers served in Cambodia from 1991-1994. If your name is missing from this list please send us your name and regiment number for verification.

Non Government Organisations

Many Australians have long associations with Cambodia through their aid work. Listed are the 94 Non Government Organisations who were in Cambodia during 1993.

UN Contractors

Australian companies were involved in the peace process through rebuilding infrastructure and feeding the troops. The Morris Catering Corporation won their first UN catering contract for the Cambodian Mission. The company has continued its involvement in war zones.

Australian Journalists, Photographers and Artists

Australians played a pivotal role in reporting and documenting the Cambodian peace process during 1992-93.